Welcome to trendjournal, a new business dedicated to making global design trend information accessible and relevant to Australians.

As 21st century technology brings the world to our doorstep, it is increasingly important for suppliers and designers (and the savvy consumer) to be aware of what’s hot overseas and those looks, which will be in demand here next.

And it is just as important to know how we can adapt the looks and trends to make them relevant to the Australian market.

trendjournal specialises in helping you interpret the latest designer trends. So instead of guessing, or waiting for the next magazine ‘kitchen special’ for design ideas, you can now access everything you need here in one comprehensive resource. And you can do it now, without the expense of international travel!

trendjournal plans to release a series of publications packed full of inspirational ideas and images but put together with a practical focus. These publications will be an invaluable tool for anyone considering renovating or building, from the consumer to the building supplier and local designer. The first edition of trendjournal, journey through Eurocucina 2008, showcases the latest European kitchen trends and is available now.